Ink Slinger: RocktheCity On March - 23 - 2017

Hip Hop don´t stop

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Born and raised in Detroit and Metropolitan Detroit, Priest began sharpening his craft at the age of 13. Overtime, he established his creative properties with his storytelling abilities and poetic narratives through observant eyes.
Lyrical and raw, Priest’s lyrical content encompasses tones of urban commentary, social dialogue and ironic circumstances of everyday life.

“”Forever” describes the quest for life, love and happiness, and ponders the beauty and the ugliness, the escapism and the free-will, and the motivation and the side effects that come with human involvement. The line between love and life is driven around the best and worst of the pursuit of both: No matter how much you want to escape from both, it is a conditional surrender that still manages to emanate hope.”

Priest – “Forever” featuring Starr Busby (Produced by Byron the Aquarius)

This Thing of Ours (Produced by Jaze Baqti)

Art of Urban Warfare

The Ghetto

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