Ink Slinger: RocktheCity On May - 31 - 2015

Hip Hop don´t stop

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Just a vibe / 1 / MPC SHOW en HQ-Barcelona [Instrumental]



“Just a Vibe MPC Show” is the instrumental format known as “Just a MPC Live Show”. Like its predecessor, it is an event in Jam format, in which the MPC are used as organic instruments.

The members improvise each instrumental part of the puzzle to create a BoomBap live. The idea is to abuse the “pad” (touching the pads of the machine), avoiding “loopear” (set the pace in loop).

Residents beatmakers (Dj Zeack – Oka Miles – Drako – Felabeats – Tian – Mosfonic), special guests will join each other beatmakers Jam like different styles or voices accompanying rhythms.

All sound is recorded beat by beat by : Gonzalo – Mr.Sutra (Laine’REC) – Ing. Sound. The video consists of 7 cameras (one for each MPC + gopro free camera) by Lion Cage Films & Daniel Prizz.

“Just a Vibe MPC Show” is held at “HQ Barcelona”. A unique place located in the legendary street Enrique Granados, hidden from prying eyes, there comes one who knows what will. We can only see a black, very heavy and a little peephole door. HQ Barcelona is an elegant space-industrial design fresh and decorated with a touch of audacity. Great atmosphere, workshops, craft beer, fruit juices and organic vegetables, burgers The Russian fillet, art, video games, movies and sports … WE WAIT!

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