Ancient History: June, 2015


Posted by RocktheCity On June - 18 - 2015

Hip Hop don´t stop

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JUJU ROGERS / From the Life of a Good-For-Nothing

This innovative sound, although it may seem old to those who know of golden era, and styles, jazz, soul, rap / no waste / enjoy this Mr. JUJU ROGERS
peace and respect / DOPE ALBUM

JuJu Rogers – Hungry (prod. by Bluestaeb)

In times of various up and coming artists successfully displaying their philosophy and becoming rapsuperstars, JuJu Rogers’ story seems to be an exception. Born of an American GI out of New Orleans, LA. and a German Mother with Austrian roots not only his background seems to be different. Born and raised in Schweinfurt (Germany), a southern City with plenty of U.S. Army troops Stationed, the best of both worlds has always been his advantage.
Whether it is his rich New Orleans heritage musically or the good ol’ German ways of working precisely and accurately, both cultural influences have paved the way to his current and surely interesting story to tell.
It all started on some R&B and the Golden Moments of Soul- and Jazz Music whereas Hip Hop came into JuJu Rogers’ (born Julian Emmanuel Rogers) life rather late. Trumpet lessons and his father’s record collection were his musical influence up until the age of about 14. Growing up bilingual, writing and performing in English had never been a problem and after several sessions of recording songs JuJu Rogers finally managed to establish an own, very soulful and honest style of rapping and singing.

JuJu Rogers – Do It For (prod. Knowsum) Official Video

DLTLLY // Live Bars // JuJu Rogers // Beat By TUFU

Man Of Booom / Back To The Booom

Posted by RocktheCity On June - 17 - 2015

Hip Hop don´t stop

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Man Of Booom / Back To The Booom

It’s all about drums, it comes to samples, it comes to swing – and away from his music from coercion in any manner sterile smooth. The disciples of Sichtexoteismus are advocates of organic matter! Reflective lyrics and unsubstantial Battle Raps on beats. No more and no less.


His music speaks for herself.Listen, enjoy the boom bap .. / support:

Man Of Booom – Melody Spells

Melody Spells is the second official video from the 2LP Vinyl Back To The Booom by Man Of Booom (Figub Brazlevic, Teknical Development & JuJu Rogers).

Man Of Booom – Back To The Booom
Releasedate: 21.10.2013 on Sichtexot Records. The 2LP Gatefoldcover + limited edition Booomstrumentals 7″ (300 copies) with 4 exclusive beats from Figub Brazlevic.

Figub Brazlevic, Teknical Development and Juju Rogers are Man Of Booom – a three-man body of music that has its roots in the golden era of honest and positive hiphop. The Back To The Booom‘ LP brings listeners along on a redisco very of a classic hiphop-vibe that is at the same time refreshing and reminiscent of the early 90‘s sound – its playful innocence and head-nodding beats represent contemporary hiphop in a parallel universe where the fundamental focus lies on positivity and establishing human connections through musical creation. From the bedroom studio in Moabit, Berlin to the streets of London, ‚Back To The Booom‘ and beyond, Back To The Booom is a musical dedication to a culture and a state of mind that seemed to have been forever lost in the endless hallways of records companies and radio stations. Man Of Booom brings it back.

Just a live #011 / MPC show

Posted by RocktheCity On June - 16 - 2015

Hip Hop don´t stop

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Just a live #011 / MPC SHOW / SalaRazzmatazz / (Invitado especial: M.Padrums)

Beatmakers: Dj Zeack | FelaBeats | Drako | OKA | Tian | M.Padrums

00:00 – Intro Just a Live #011
01:13 – Info:
02:05 – Greenmantis
03:20 – Senyor Oca
07:29 – Buda (Fat Squad)
05:53 – Nelomano
08:25 – El Chamaco de la Poma
10:03 – Hadem
12:08 – Info:
13:33 – Info:
14:32 – Outro Just a Live #011
15:43 – Cartel Justavibe #002 HQ

Just a live #011 grabado, mezclado y masterizado por Mr. Sutra en Laine Rec Studio.

We have them back.
These people show great ability in their mpc’s pads.
accompanied by a DJ, a video camera man, and displayed MC´s on each of its sessions.
if given the opportunity,see them live.

ORACY / A Bag’a Collaba’s

Posted by RocktheCity On June - 16 - 2015

Hip Hop don´t stop

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ORACY / A Bag’a Collaba’s E.P

This person knows of what he speaks / style and consciousness.
work dope / support :

ORACY :Featuring artists from across the globe including France, Italy, Gernany, Spain, USA +, A Bag’A Colaba’s shares Oracy’s Hip Hop journey from the very beginning to the release of her debut album Foot In The Door. Packed with an array of international collaborations, solo tracks and even a bonus track with a twist – it’s definitely worth checking out the build up!

ORACY:Salute to all of the artists and producers who were part of the journey and happy to jump on and support the E.P and to everyone taking the time out to tune in. 1 <3 Peace! Oracy - Intro... (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

SUBY ONE / Graffiti / Paris

Posted by RocktheCity On June - 13 - 2015

Hip Hop don´t stop

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SUBY ONE / Born in 1979 …
Self-taught artist …

Suby its first steps in graffiti in 1992.
D.77 Class Member D.77 and ALB, it will produce most of his pieces on the trains of the Paris Metro.
After using the city as an exhibition medium, Suby going from the street to the shop where he opens other perspectives in formal speaking both on canvas and sculpture.
Both graffiti artist, painter and sculptor, Suby is a versatile artist influenced by the movement Colorfield New York in the late 40s very colorful creations will always keep an indelible trace of graffiti.


“The days are the same, only the faces change, streets, trains are our passions, it colors mix, flow, according dripping weapons and surfaces, a form is detached under the dumbfounded gaze of passers , vulgar in the eyes of the ignorant, but an ecstasy for connoisseurs of this art so powerful … the flashes crackle, dazzling the scene I immortalized as the vandal is fleeting, hence its unique beauty, nothing lasts, nothing we belongs as time court.Il’s already time, smiles are sketched on the faces of my partners in crime, we part ways, bifurcations are many … “SubyOne // Alb D77 3hc































WILL SESSIONS / Last Fridays

Posted by RocktheCity On June - 12 - 2015

Hip Hop don´t stop

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WILL SESSIONS Presents / Last Fridays .

Will Sessions presents “Last Fridays”, a digital collection of material previously released on the Funk Night Records imprint between 2010-2013. The title is a homage to Detroit’s now-legendary Motor City Funk Night party, where Will Sessions was featured as house band and label boss Frank Raines spun extremely rare funk sides to abandoned warehouses full of as many as 4000 sweaty bodies.
Prior to now, these songs have never been available except as extremely limited 45 rpm vinyl, with some fetching modest sums on the funk record market. Represented also are a variety of solo projects from the fold – from the lush cinematic soundtrack vibes of Marcello De Luca (Sam Beaubien), the crime inspired funk of T-Bottoms (the song was actually inspired by Will Sessions bassist Tim Shellabarger being mugged), to the laid back guitar stylings of Picky G (Ryan Gimpert). Included as well are the percussion-heavy breakbeats of Volcano Kpache (Bryan Arnold, Eric Kacir), and a cover of Pearl Dowell’s classic side “Good Things”, handled here with ease by Detroit soul belter, Coko.
The release is intended to sum up what the band has been up to in years prior, but also be a teaser of what lies ahead – a full length funk album of more original material, the next live video/album installment in their Mixtakes series and much more…