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Hip Hop don´t stop

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Vinilos – Colectivos – Wild Bunch – Spectrum City – Hieroglyphics

dj UVE:
Siempre me he sentido atraído por todas esas historias de colectivos de los que acaban surgiendo uno o varios proyectos musicales. Y creo que trabajar en equipo da resultados frescos y que llegan mucho más allá que los proyectos realizados o excesivamente protagonizados por un solo individuo. Quizá sea por eso que me encanta embarcarme en aventuras colectivas. A lo largo de mi vida he pasado por varios colectivos: Costa Norte y Still Diggin’ (como DJ UVE), Upper Egypt Series (como Kemet) y Green Rockers (como Asimov). Les saludo a ellos desde aquí, también a los colectivos que me inspiraron como el Wild Bunch, Spectrum City, Hieroglyphics, Wu-Tang Clan, la Gang Starr Foundation, Native Tongues,… Y también os lo dedico a todos los que militáis en algún massive, trabajando por crear algo nuevo en equipo. Mucha fuerza y suerte!

year 1988

Bomb The Bass – Megablast [HD]

Bomb The Bass – Don’t Make Me Wait

Massive Attack & Mad Professor

Hieroglyphics – Full Circle (Full Album)
Full Circle is the second album released by the Oakland, California-based, underground hip hop collective, Hieroglyphics. The album was released on October 7, 2003 by the group’s own independent record label, Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings.


THICKBEATS en exclusiva para HipHopnometry

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Hip Hop don´t stop

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THIC BEATS en exclusiva para HipHopnometry
THICBEATS (Tian+Zeack)







THICKBEATS from hiphopnometry on Vimeo.

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Just a live #005 / MPC SHOW @KaneelClub

Just a live #006 / MPC SHOW @24/7 (Invitado especial: Jay Devia)

Just a live #001 / MPC SHOW @KaneelClub

Just a live #007 / MPC SHOW @KaneelClub (Invitado especial: Ribon – Argot Stereo)

Thanks to THICK BEATS for this great interview and open way in this new section to HipHopnometry.
our sincere thanks.peace


GRAP LUVA * Neva Done

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Hip Hop don´t stop

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album:Neva Done
Grap Luva AKA The Younger Soul Brother is much more than “Pete Rock’s brother” … Grap is a veteran hip-hop producer and MC who has been selectively releasing timeless songs for well over 15 years. From his production work behind the boards featuring artists such as Method Man and J-Live, to his days as a member of respected rap group INI alongside Rob O; it’s a fact that Grap can hold his own behind the boards and on the mic. Interestingly Grap has never released a solo project until now. This EP is a true testament to Grap’s career, proving that even if it’s contemporary tracks collaborating with the likes of Kev Brown, Damu The Fudgemunk and Joc Max, or old beats from his SP-1200 archives, work is indeed never done.



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Hip Hop don´t stop

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album title:DOOM ,September 23, 1997
Recorded 1996-1997 at platinum Island studios by Vaughn Sessions
Another gem has burst on our site
Direct golden era of hip hop, enjoy the video and the tracks.
recommended your album both cd, but is much better vinyl format.

Doom is the 1997 debut album of hip hop group Mood. It features production by DJ Hi-Tek and guest appearances by Talib Kweli and Wu-Tang-affiliated group Sunz of Man. It features one single, “Karma”, whose b-side is “Cincinnati”. Mood’s classic Doom launched the careers of Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, and Lone Catalysts. Producer J.Rawls of Lone Catalysts
1996-1997 at platinum Island studios by Vaughn Sessions
press vinyl LP & X2LP

The Streets – Mood

Secrets Of The Sand – Mood (Doom Album 1997)

Mood – Doom (Full Album)

1. Esoteric Manuscripts – 0:00
2. Info for the Streets – 4:04
3. He Is DJ Hi-Tek – 7:54
4. Karma – 8:34
5. Vision – 11:54
6. Tunnel Bound – 16:50
7. Nuclear Hip Hop – 21:29
8. Anotha Day – 25:47
9. Sacred – 28:59
10. Peddlers of Doom – 33:48
11. Millennium – 38:47
12. Babylon the Great – 42:33
13. Peace Infinity – 43:01
14. Secrets of the Sands – 46:51
15. Illuminated Sunlight – 50:12
16. Industry Lies – 55:15
17. No Ordinary Brother – 57:56
18. Cincinnati – 58:28


Mood / karma

Lord Finesse ‎– The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening

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Hip Hop don´t stop

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Lord Finesse ‎– The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening

Art Direction – Mr Krum***Design – Mr Krum***Executive-Producer – Lord Finesse, Richard “Spice” Smith
Instrumentation By [Additional] – Davel “Bo” McKenzie***Mastered By – Tony Dawsey***Mixed By – Eddie Sancho
Producer – Lord Finesse

Recorded at Kay-Dee Studios in New Jersey. Mixed at Bass Trap Studio in NYC.

Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. Limited to 300 copies which are foil numbered #1-300









Lord Finesse ‎– The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening

K-Def *One Man Band

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Hip Hop don´t stop

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One Man Band

K-Def’s latest endeavor on Redefinition Records, One Man Band, continues his self-reinvention combining software with his impeccable ear for music to craft –or re-craft- many familiar records using his signature style. Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, and 24-Carat Black, to name a few, receive a face-lift while still remaining true to the original sound that forms the genesis of this project. The concept is simple: giving classic records an updated feel for new audiences to enjoy and appreciate them. K-Def is not flipping the same samples or replaying the notes and chords in a mimicking fashion as the originals, but recreating and re-interpolating them with live, unsampled sounds, which he has been honing for years now. K is producing other producer’s records and, in turn, putting his special touch on it. He is taking the art of digging and music appreciation and applying it to the world of software by using technology for our audio delight. The intricacy of each record oozes with care and an attention to detail that becomes immediately apparent with the initial bars of the first song.

Herein lies the simple genius that makes K-Def a “producer’s producer.” The years spent crafting classics, listening to records, and absorbing sounds has allowed him to develop his own sonic tapestry, which is best exemplified here on this excellent record. He re-orchestrates another composer’s classic record and develops movements, crescendos, and transitions that would leave any music connoisseur grinning from ear-to-ear. “Funky Fridays” epitomizes the strides K-Def has made en route to remodeling his sound with the marriage of his production prowess and technology. This gem defines the project and raises the bar for other producers paying homage to those whose shoulders they now stand. Within K-Def’s boastful canon of hit records, “Funky Fridays” stands as an opus that deserves its rightful spot, if for nothing more than marking a new level in which he has successfully attained, daring to stretch the boundaries of Hip Hop music.

Words may never be able to accurately describe the phrase “producer’s producer” due to ambiguous nature of the verbiage, and maybe words were never meant to. However, K-Def’s One Man Band allows for a musical definition to fully emerge and take shape, transcending the verbal world and taking root in a sonic one. Here, our senses take over and allow the music to do what it was meant to do: live, breathe, and morph into something beyond explanation, a true redefinition.
released 05 March 2013

All Tracks Produced, Mixed & Mastered by K-Def